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High Quality, Value, Service to meet and exceeds
all our customers' expectations.

Thank you for visiting us here at KHI (Korea Hi-Tech Industrial).
We are glad for this opportunity to meet in the cyber world.

We design, manufacture, and deliver Electric Coils, Encapsulated/Over Molded Coils,Solenoids, Solenoid Valves, Electro Mechanical Devices and Talc Machines.

KHI, ever since its foundation of a corporation to start Electromagnetic parts business at 1998, we are pleased to have been a part of our customers’ successes.

With outstanding engineering capabilities, quality driven manufacturing, and proven processes, we excel in Product Development and deliver robust results.

If, requirements are for specialized component assemblies or connectors, let KHI be the one to do the assembly.

Also, we do invite OEM (original equipment manufacturing) inquires.

All of us here at KHI promise you that we are there for you and that we will Promptly respond to your needs.

Thank you.