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2010. Mar.2013 Acquired Certificate of Voluntary Risk Assessment Program by The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
Sep.2012 Acquired Certificate of Clean Workplace by The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
2000. May.2009 Approved Research and Development Center by KOITA
Aug.2008 Acquired Certification of Components and Materials Friendly Company by Korea Materials & Components Industry Agency.
Aug.2008 Designated as Expert Parts and Materials Enterprise by Ministry of Knowledge Economy Republic of Korea.
Dec.2006 Acquired Certificate of Conformity by TUV Rheinland
May.2006 Cooperative Research of the University and Industry with Hanyang University
Feb.2006 Acquired Certificate of Reliability by Agency for Technology and Standards
Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy Republic of Korea
Jan.2006 Acquisition of ISO 9001 Approval.
Mar.2005 Technical Agreement
KFT Seimitsu Limited.(Japan) For Manufacture of Hydraulic Valves and Hydraulic Power Units
Aug.2001 Appointed as Home Doctor of Patents by The Korean Intellectual Property Office.
Jan.2000 Technical Agreement
Hirose MFG. Co.,ltd.(Japan) For Manufacture of Hydraulic Valves.
1990. Aug.1999 Technical Agreement
Asahigigen Limited.(Japan) For Manufacture of Talc Machines.
May.1999 Established
Mar.1999 Technical Agreement
Osakadenka Co.,ltd.(Japan) For Manufacture of Electromagnetic parts.