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Coil Winding M/C Bench Press
Wire Twist M/C Booster Press
Magnet Wire Remover Power Press
Wire Cutting M/C Hydraulic Press
Insulation Sheet Cutter Tapping and Drilling M/C
Lead Forming Spot Welder
Eyelet Punch Tig Welder
Liquid Mixer CO2 Welder
Coil Insulating Tank Electric Welder
Liquid Dispenser Air Compressor
Curing Oven CNC Marking System
Solder Bath
Taping M/C
Terminal Crimping
Vertical Clamping and
Injection M/C
Temperature Regulator
Mold Chiller
Oven Dryer
Hopper Dryer
Hopper Loader
Wheatstone Bridge Infrared Thermometer
Surge Tester Electronic Scale
Megger Tester Pin hole Tester
Puncture Tester Micro Meter
DC Power Supply (500V) Height Gage
Watt Meter Surface Plate
Multi Tester Calipers
DC and AC Volt Meter Push and Pull Gage
DC and AC Current Meter Dial Gage
LCR Meter Thickness Gage
Puncture · Insulation Tester Guage Blocks
Coil Turns Counter Digimatic Caliper
Auto Temperature Recorder Bore Gage
DC Milli-ohm Meter Pin Gage
Decade Resistance Box Torque Wrench
Frequency Converter Solenoid Force Test Bench
Oscilloscope Solenoid Response Test Bench
Current Prove Solenoid Life Cycle Test Bench
Constant Temperature and
Humidity Chamber
Proportional Solenoid Test Bench
Immersion Tank EPPR Valve Test Bench